Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tetrad Color Wheel

Some things I've learned about tetrads color groups:

- A tetrad consists of 4 colors positioned on the color wheel in either a square or a rectangle as in this diagram.
- You determine the color choice by deciding what you would like your dominant color to be and the rest will be built off this dominant color choice.
- Choose a "sister" color by moving either 2 or 3 colors to the left or right of the one you chose.
- Number 3 and 4 are decided for you by following a straight line across the square or rectangle, finding the complements apparent if you had drawn an "X" inside the box.
- See my chart below for 9 possible color groups resulting from the diagram above.

Tetrad Color Wheel

Some things I've learned about painting with a "tetrad" color group:
* Choose from the color wheel what your dominant color will be
* Next, choose a "sister" color either 2 to the left or right of the dominant color, or 3 to the left or right of the dominant color.
* Now, the remaining 2 colors are chosen for you by making a straight line across the inside of the color wheel as in this diagram.
* The tetrad consists of 4 colors, not just any random colors; they are in harmony.
* Instead of a square or rectangle you could think of it in terms of an "X" - across from each of your chosen colors, is it's complement. Striking grays can be created by mixing complements, or used in it's pure color make the painting sing.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tetrad Painting

This study was for two purposes (1) to stay within the 4 colors chosen from my tetrad study below, in this case - the first one on the 3 row. (2) to practice painting in the round

Tetrad painting

This study helped me practice 2 things: (1) staying within the 4 colors chosen for the study, in this case - number 1 on the bottom row of my tetrad study below (2) I've been wanting to practice a round format in WC

Tetrad Color Groups - 9 possible choices

I've been studying tetrads and have created a diagram to better help me group the colors:

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