Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dahlias - two in one, named "Peace"

Each painting is a learning experience and this was no exception. The largest watercolor I've painted so far, matted to fit in a 16 x 20 frame. Some just seem to paint themselves, so was the case with this; maybe it helped that I love the colors.

On the Homepage

"Amber Mums" My very first experience with painting crystal I felt that I was successful at portraying the blast of light that so fascinates me. I am grateful to Watercolor Workshop for featuring me on their Homepage all the month of October with this painting; a special thanks to Dorena Kerry for allowing me to use her photo.

Sunlit Daisy

The drama of a dark backgrond created a more contemporary look than I am used to painting; this by permission from Michel Fleury for the photo reference. The way the sun hits the petals drew me in and kept me captivated until this painting was finished. Will I ever be able to paint a flower again without a black background, well we'll see.

Josh and Carter

Yesterday I studied skin tones and blond hair color as a result of a discussion on Watercolor Workshop. I uploaded it at WcW, thank you Jolene for use of your photo. This was fun and I promise I will be spending more time painting children. Here is the palette I used: Cobalt Blue, Q. Gold, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Cad Red, Cobalt Blue Violet

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As a child I began designing my own clothes while in 5th grade. Grandma let me use fabric from her stash and showed me how to use the treadle machine. My love for art and the creative began at that point, always having a current project of some kind. Painting has provided a unique creative outlet for me that I am thankful for, an exciting journey where there's always something new to learn.