Thursday, June 18, 2009

Golden Tree Nymph WC

My thanks to June Damanti for allowing me to use her gorgeous photo as a reference for this painting. Please take a look at June's website for a mini vacation:

When I saw her photo I was so impressed with the macro perspective and gorgeous color I yearned to get out the watercolors.


June said...

Oh I think this is a lovely replica of my photo! Thanks for honoring my work...and thanks for the credit and inclusion of link.

Kathy's Watercolors said...

Thanks again June

Anonymous said...

I can't get over this Butter fly Kathy this is Just as if it were posed for this Shot or sat there while you did her Portrait I still think it to be a Snapshot Great Job in deed!!!! I love the colors in this the Detail in all of these Your about the best I have seen Kathy & I have my Eye on your Masterpieces Great Job my Dear you Must look for Musiums for the world to see Many many Hugs

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